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The Spartan-X-Project

A group of friends who want to share their love for their hometown

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What is the Spartan-X Project?

Spartan-X Project gives the opportunity to anyone to visit one of the most historic places in the world but also join our group of friends and be one of us. We will treat you as one of us and while we can provide (or help you find) anything you will be in charge of your schedule, your activities, your accommodation and your food.

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Our Values

Sparti has a rich history beyond ancient times. However, most people know the ancient Spartan warriors and maybe a small part of their philosophy. 

As a team, we want to shake off the Hollywood made profile of our city and expose the true beauty of it. We are a group of friends who share the same passion about our hometown. We want to learn more about our place and take more in our journey. We want to dig deep into the history, the philosophy, the natural beauty, the culinary tradition and the way of living throughout the centuries.

ἄμμες δέ γ' ἐσσόμεσθα πολλῷ κάρρονες  • we shall become much better (than you)

μηδέν άγαν • (midén ágan). (do) nothing in excess · avoid extremes · behave correctly.

χρόνου φείδου • (chrónou feídou). 

do not waste time

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