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This is a sample from our activities menu. We will mix and match with every group and we will design together a bespoke experience as a group of friends.

History & Culture | Trip to Mani | 1day

  • Modern History with or local guides

  • Dyros Caves

  • Castles of Mani

History & Culture | Trip to Monemvasia | 1 day

  • Castle Visit

  • History Lesson

  • Local Delicacies

Sea | Day Trip |  1 day

  • Visit a natural Salt evaporation pond

  • Visit at the Kastania Cave

  • Meal at a local Seafood Tavern

  • Visit Akrotiri

Culture | Olive and Greek Olive Oil | 1 day


  • Start the day with a visit at the Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil.

  • Visit an olive farm and join the farm activities

  • Visit a local oil factory. Our local guide will explain the process in detail.

  • Olive oil tasting.

Hiking | Gastronomy | Collect your own herbs at Taygetos | 1 day

  • Easy hike at the best spots to collect wild herbs

  • Visit at the traditional village and meal at a local tavern

  • Join the Spartan Table community

Hiking & History | Apollo Temple

  • Hike with our local guide to find the secluded Temple of Apollo Epicurius.

  • A a World Heritage Site since 1986 (the first to be included in Greece)

Workshop | Metal Sculpting | 1/2 DAY

  • Build your own helmet | Metal sculpting workshop

  • Delivered by Alex

Workshop | Local Cuisine / Cooking | 1/2 day

  • Cooking lesson, using the best local ingredients, facilitated by the Spartan Table

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