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The Spartan Experience Project

A group of friends who want to enjoy life, learn and share it with others

Bespoke Experience

This is your experience, we will design it together based on your needs and your interests.

Dedicated Travel Guide

You will always have at least one of us available for any queries at all times.

Nothing to worry

​We will arrange everything so that you can only focus on the experience.

  • Accommodation

  • Transportation to/from airport

  • Transportation to/from all activities

  • Food

Experience: List


Organized Traveling

Day 1 - Welcome

(Arriving at Sparta between 2 - 7 p.m/ for this scenario from Athens airport)
Welcome Drink (refreshment/local juice) at the Central Square or at a village tavern around Sparta
Short brief of the upcoming activities -  Getting to know each other (friendly warm talk)
Dinner with traditional tastes / dishes at local restaurant ( e.g  “Tsipouradiko”)


Day 2 - First day of activities

7:30 - 8:30  Breakfast / coffee 
Visit to Ancient Theater / Acropolis,  Museum of Olive Oil. 
Walk around town.
11:30   Short break -  coffee / refreshment
12:00   Leaving for Mani (Oitilo, Limeni, Areopolis) 
1:30     Lunch 
2:30     Tour around the area (with a local guide)
7:00     Return to Sparta


Day 3 - First day of activities

7:30 - 8:30  Breakfast / coffee
9:00 Leaving for a hike on Taygetus (Magganiari Springs - or further)
Hiking for a couple of hours -  gathering wild herbs  (with a local guide)
Lunch on a mountain side (around 1:00  or at a village tavern around 2:30 p.m)
5:00  Return to Sparta 
8:00  Dinner


Day 4 - Third Day of activities

7:30 - 8:30  Breakfast / coffee
9:00   Leaving for an orange farm or an olive farm (and then a factory)
With a local guide,  showing the process of the harvesting etc
2:00    Return to Sparta  and Lunch 
5:00    Leaving for the village on Taygetus for a cooking lesson and dinner


DAY 5 - Closure

7:30 - 8:30  Breakfast / coffee
9:00   History lessons/ presentation  - discuss about the experiences we shared
1:00  Lunch  
3:00  Leaving for Athens airport

Experience: Guided Tours

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